The Wegener Organization is a real estate solutions company in Kansas City that helps clients address a variety of real estate-related needs ranging from rehab/remodel work on an existing home to selling, buying, renting properties, to commercial real estate development. Their dedication to their clients is second to none and their experts help navigate the waters of the real estate world.


The Wegener Organization had passion, drive, and a story behind their mission but found themselves unsure of how to reach their audience. They were struggling to get leads to sell homes. Their digital footprint was under-developed and their clear passion for their clients was not being represented in their digital presence. They needed a way to expand brand awareness ad ultimately, generate leads for their services.


On the Top Search created a clean, modern website and an amazing lead generation sales funnel by running ads on social media and directing the audience to their website lead form. Capturing attention on Facebook and turning that attention into traffic and leads made it possible for the Wegener Organization to fulfill its goals and grow as an organization and allowed their team to focus on what they do best: helping people.


The Wegener Organization’s website has proven to be their most effective tool in their digital marketing strategy. Generating leads from social media that became clients and ultimately, sales. Their website and lead generation funnel has propelled them forward in a competitive industry and has allowed them to shine in a crowded industry.

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