The Hearing Connection is a hearing aid fitting store located in Saint Joseph, Missouri. It is owned and operated by Dave Neumann. Dave has a passion for bringing people the joy of hearing again and reconnect people to the world.


The Hearing Connection needed to increase foot traffic and monthly fittings. The business had a small online presence and despite Dave’s incredible intuition for being in front of the camera.


On The Top Search worked with Dave to create an aggressive digital marketing strategy. This included online reach campaigns, hyper-targeted ads and compelling video content that communicated Dave’s outgoing personality and great customer service.


The Hearing Connection reaches 1,600+ daily though its hyper-targeted ads, Google Pay-Per-Click, and video content. The 1600+ are known to be in the market or interested in hearing aids. OTTS also used Facebook lives to establish the credibility of the business and Dave as an expert in the field. Altogether, OTTS drives 1-7 leads per month to the business.

Here is what Dave Neumann (owner) had to say: “OTTS has helped me grow my business by thinking outside the box. They are innovative and highly motivated to make your business stand out and be recognized. While I hate marketing, On The Top Search loves it!”

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