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Uncommon Character is a branding initiative that encapsulates the city of Saint Joseph, Missouri. In 2017, the branding initiative had big goals but a relatively small digital presence. The Uncommon Character team knew that digital marketing was the future and the perfect vessel for success.

On The Top Search developed a hyper-targeted growth campaign to increase Uncommon Character’s online presence. The campaign started by targeting the low-hanging fruit (users involved in community projects), and evolved as each audience was acquired by the pages following. On The Top Search crafted a content marketing campaign that would recycle past stories and turn them into a short 30-60 second videos–more conducive to an unfocused, video society. Since partnering with On The Top Search. the Uncommon Character Facebook page has grown by 466%. In just one year, the page went from 1,842 likes to 8,600 likes. The video stories have an average reach of 35,000 people and over 300+ organic shares.

Video Production

On the Top Search created monthly videos highlighting the unique qualities of the community.

With a mix of interviews and drone footage, OTTS captures the heart of St. Joseph and delivered video content that grew the page’s engagement and following.

Social Media

On the Top Search initiated a social media ad campaign that achieved over a million impressions in a city of 76,000. This resulted in reaching 10,000 page likes and tens of thousands of post likes, comments, and shares.

“The Made With Uncommon Character campaign is all about partnership and On The Top Search has been a great partner for digital marketing services. Working well with our volunteer staff and another social media professional, our brand has grown quickly on Facebook thanks to their help.”

Kristi Bailey – Uncommon Character

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