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Hunter Richie

Hunter Richie

Graphic Designer

Hunter Richie is a Graphic Designer & Convergent Media Specialist for On The Top Search. Hunter started his career in graphic design and video editing early in life; which gave him the desire to further expand his skills via a college degree in the subject. Hunter graduated from Missouri Western State University in the fall of 2016, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Hunter realized the influx in need for digital artwork and design and knew that the growing design community would be a great fit for his capabilities and experience.

Since he was a child, Hunter has invariably had an interest in art and design. He was always known to draw his favorite company’s logos, which in turn made him realize that he had an eye for the arts. Outside of work, Hunter spends his free time playing music and hanging out with his girlfriend. Hunter enjoys all things artistic, and all of his outside interests supply influence to his graphic design work. Hunter is up-to-date on the latest graphic design trends and is tenacious in the task of contributing to the graphic design community.

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