Review Generation

Get more 5 star reviews. Our review management service allows our clients to easily gain more positive reviews by automatically sending review requests via SMS (text messages) or email to all their happy customers.

Review Marketing

We automatically share 5 Star reviews on our your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn pages. In addition, we share reviews on your website with customizable widgets to provide social proof and increase new customer conversions and revenue.

Review Management App

Birdeye’s comprehensive software displays all your customer feedback from 200+ sites in real-time. We are able to filter your review feed by rating, time period or by source to identify which areas and sites to focus on, and respond to all reviews, negative or positive.

Review Monitoring

What are your customers saying about you and where are they saying it? Are these conversations impacting your brand? How can you measure this impact? OTTS’s Birdeye partnership lets you know what customers are saying about you across 250+ third party sites, then use this rich information to engage directly with your customers and solve problems before they become problems.

Our Process:

Let OTTS analyze your business’ search reputation, identify the negative reviews on the web and compensate them with positive mentions of your brand. In addition, let OTTS protect your business’ reputation by developing an individual strategy to build your business’ look and governance to its users.

Our team will consider features of your industry and target audiences to stimulate the natural receiving of feedback from customers. In addition, our team will manually check, stimulate and respond to all reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews,, Bing, thematic resources, social networks, directories, forums and blogs.

We provide transparency at each stage of the process, the results achieved, individual accountability and continuous quality control. In addition we offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement with all of our clients to assure all information is kept classified.

Our Services

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